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Stick It to the Stickman: The latest game from SA dev Free Lives

September 3, 2022 pentatox Comments Off

Publisher Devolver Digital was teasing a new game reveal this week and that game is Stick It to the Stickman, a new title from South African developer Free Lives.

Free Lives is best known for the ultra-American action platformers Broforce but it has, over the years, branched out into several other genres like the VR gladiatorial game Gorn, Apple Arcade title Cricket Through the Ages and, ah, whatever the hell Genital Jousting is.

“Stick it to the Stickman is a groin-kicking, staple-gunning, chainsaw-wielding roguelike brawler loaded with high-impact, physics-based combat, copious amounts of coffee and weaponised farts!” reads the official description of the game.

That description comes from the Steam page which is live now so you can add it to your wishlist.

Reading through the rest of the store page doesn’t reveal much else that we don’t see in the reveal trailer – embedded at the bottom of this page – which is a shame as we are interested in how the game balances what looks to be two separate ways to play with sidescrolling and psedo-isometric views shown off.

We’re big fans of roguelikes, Free Lives and Devolver Digital so we’re rather excited for this one.

Interestingly the announcement of Stick it to the Stickman means that Free Lives currently has three unreleased games in the works, all published by Devolver Digital.

The other two are “reverse city builder” Terra Nil and hyperviolent FPS Anger Foot.

Stick it to the Stickman will be released some time in 2023. No other platforms aside from PC through Steam have been revealed just yet.

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