We provide a range of services to meet your tech needs:

  1. Hardware Repairs, Sales, and Upgrades: From fixing components to offering the latest upgrades, we ensure your devices run at their best.
  2. Laptop Screen, Battery, Keyboard, and Hinge Replacements: If your laptop needs a facelift or functional improvement, we’ve got the parts and expertise.
  3. Software Support and Sales: Whether you need troubleshooting or want to explore new software, we’re here to assist.
  4. In-House Repairs: Conveniently bring your devices to our shop for swift and reliable in-house repairs.
  5. On-Site Repairs: Busy schedule? We offer on-site repairs to minimize disruption to your day.
  6. Remote Support: Need help from a distance? Our remote support service ensures quick assistance without leaving your location.

For all your tech challenges, G-Nome Computer has the solutions. Contact us today for personalized and reliable tech support!


Whether it's a cracked screen, faulty battery, or keyboard hiccup, we provide swift and reliable solutions. We specialize in laptop screen replacements, battery upgrades, keyboard repairs, and hinge fixes. Plus, our comprehensive services extend to hardware repairs, software support, and in-house or on-site assistance.


Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge cloud solutions into your business or personal tech arsenal. From secure data storage to collaborative platforms, we offer scalable and reliable cloud services tailored to your needs.

Email and Websites

We offer a suite of services, including domain registration, seamless email solutions, and reliable hosting services. Elevate your business with a professional domain, personalized email addresses, and secure hosting tailored to your needs. G-Nome Computer ensures a smooth online experience, empowering your brand's digital journey.


At G-Nome Computer, we specialize in comprehensive computer repair services to keep your devices running seamlessly. Our skilled technicians handle everything from hardware repairs and upgrades to software support. Whether it's a slow performance or a critical malfunction, we've got you covered.

Internet and Network

We specialize in delivering robust internet solutions and optimizing network performance. From seamless connectivity setups to troubleshooting network issues, our expert team ensures you stay connected without a hitch. Elevate your online experience with G-Nome Computer's tailored Internet and Network Services.


Our specialized server solutions ensure seamless data management, robust security, and optimized performance for your business. From server setup and maintenance to troubleshooting, our expert team delivers tailored services to keep your operations running smoothly.

IT Support

Our expert team provides comprehensive IT support, from troubleshooting and software assistance to hardware repairs and network solutions. Whether you're a business or individual, we've got you covered. Count on G-Nome Computer for prompt, reliable, and personalized IT support services in Roodepoort. Enhance your tech journey – contact us today for expert assistance!